About Jeff Usner:

internet millionaire jeff usnerJeff Usner is a highly sought after marketing expert on business growth, lead generation and various sales processes. Jeff knows firsthand what it takes to overcome adversity and succeed in life and business. He is a master at creating systems and sales funnels for any type of company to increase profits right away.
In 2002, Jeff was destitute and over $100,000 in debt, he started his first online business and within 1 year was totally debt free, generating close to 40,000 leads a month for his team, and creating millions of dollars in revenue.  Since then, Jeff Usner has gone on to grow a large media and software company online.
Jeff is focused on helping people succeed in any size business and any vertical. He’s helped large corporations and small businesses increase profits. Any business will benefit from Jeff’s insight into increasing profits in their existing business area.