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Profit Hub Boot Camp | Life Changing Event of the Summer

Every once in awhile, powerful training events come and change the lives of participants for good. And such is the outcome of the recently concluded live training event from dubbed Profit Hub Boot Camp.

Profit Hub Boot Camp covered everything that any new or pro internet marketer needs to learn. It is not just the technical aspect of the business like how to build websites or how to bring traffic to the website but also important core processes like creating the right business concept, developing systems that will operate the business in the most effective way, as well as having the right attitude when it comes to growing the business to the next level.

Participants received a big treat from Jeff Usner and his Profit Hub team as they took the beast out of the internet and show people how to make money simple, easy, and fast.

Check out what the Profit Hub Boot Camp attendees had to say about their weekend experiences here – Profit Hub Boot Camp 2012

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Keep Moving Forward | Jeff Usner’s Secret to Success

If you had an hour with internet millionaire Jeff Usner, what would you ask him?

This question was poised to Jeff Usner fans and followers – and the most common response was: How was he able to press on through the challenges in his life (challenges like his huge debt problem, a fatal stroke, and the death of his son early on in his career)?

In the video below Jeff shares the biggest thing that helped him push through these hardships and challenges to become the success he is today.

Do you have a question for Jeff?
Post it in the comments below – or head over to his facebook fan page and post it there and it may be included in his next video!

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